A Vision of Students Today

Whether we like it or not, our students are significantly different from us.  They are different because they are digital natives–they have grown up with access to the web and with access to 24/7 TV and with access to mixing their own music.

They are also different in–as Sir Ken Robinson stated–they no longer believe the “old lie” that working hard in college guarantees a good paying job.  They do not believe this narrative any more, and rightly so!

They differ in terms of reading.  They have learned skimming the surface, not reading for depth or reflection.  Please note: I am not pointing fingers or blaming; I am simply reporting differences that I have observed in nearly 30 years of higher education in the US.

With this said: I shared this video with faculty and with the college’s leadership team about four or five years ago as the “keynote” for our program planning & review.  We have to come to terms with the differences are students are bringing to the table because we can no loner afford what I’ve begun to call, “the arrogance of attrition.”

Click, watch, reflect, and please comment:


About deanmark

Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Education at Davidson County Community College.
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