Special thanks to the faculty of ASE

I am sorry that I will not have a chance to share lunch with you all today since I have to leave town soon after pizza arrives. Tho’ I am not sharing the meal with you, each and every one of you are in my heart and in my head as I make this run to WV.

I especially want to acknowledge the wonderful work of Christy Crouch who is leaving us (sort of) to have time with her new family.  Christy: I am brokenhearted at your leaving and ecstatic that you are going to have the time you deserve with your daughter.  I wish you the best!

As we lose one, we can five and I want to welcome the new faculty who will be joining us in the fall.  I believe the search committees have done the hard work of reviewing, interviewing, discussing and recommending a candidate.  I cannot share their names at this point since we have to let those whose names did not come forward know where we are in the process.  Also, each of the candidates must meet with Mary, too.  But I will revise this and add their names before classes start in June.

We have an exciting year looming ahead:

  • SACS team arrives the second week of October and believe we are in excellent shape (5-10 issues to “fix” in the focus report, perhaps 3-5 recommendations we fix after the team leaves, and we are re-accredited in summer 2013!)
  • NAEYC arrives the week AFTER SACS leaves.  The report is superb and I believe Margaret and Sharon will “wow” the visiting team.
  • We are going to begin to scale up the Freshman Year Experience this year with more sections of ACA 090.  I am struck by how many of the issues explored in ACA also resonate with the College “all-read”: Bridges out of Poverty. I have not read more than two chapters, yet I am struck by how the authors address the issues of transcending the role of victim; discovering and maintaining motivation; managing self–particularly as one is learning new, yet hidden, rules; embracing a different type of interdependence; shifting the awareness of self; developing patterns of thought and life-long learning; broadening and deepening emotional intelligence; and lastly, embracing themselves as worthy individuals with insights and perspectives to share and discuss.
  • We will start a year-long self-reflection about student success and how we support and then measure our efforts.
  • We are embarking on a new advisement model, and I want to extend a hearty welcome to our new advisors: Margaret Cutler and Allison Crooks!
  • We are–as professionals in high education–on the cusp of unimaginable and rapid change. But I cannot think of a group with whom I would rather start the travels into these unchartered waters than with each and every one of you.  You share the commitment to our students and their success.  You share the passion of learning. You share a mutual respect for each other and for our students. Simple: you are the best and challenge any administrator anywhere to say the same about his or her colleagues.  Thank you all for being a part of the lives of our students and a significant part of my life. . . .

Enjoy your time away and return with the same enthusiasm in August!


About deanmark

Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Education at Davidson County Community College.
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